Going beyond politics to deliver green energy and infrastructure benefits

We have had expressions of support from Cumbrian MPs across all parties, from Lancaster City Council, South Lakeland District Council and Barrow Borough Council, and from Cumbria Chamber of Commerce.  

We have also had detailed discussions with representatives from private companies interested in being key partners on the project, and with Jake Berry MP for Rossendale & Darwen and Minister for The Northern Powerhouse amongst others.

What will it take to make the Northern Tidal Power Gateway at reality?

Support – from business and business organisations to get the finance we need for further investigations.  There have been expressions of interest from certain quarters in the Government, but this project goes beyond politics to deliver badly needed green energy that also offers huge infrastructure benefits.  It will establish the UK as a world-leader in an emerging technology, in the same way the North West and Sellafield led the way in nuclear more than half a century ago.    

It makes sense to do it.  

It does not make sense not to do it!

Infographic showing economic benefits of NTPG project