The dual carriageway roads from North Lancashire to West Cumbria will reduce journey distances by up to 50%, and journey times on the same route by up to *75%. For example, travelling from the M6 at Lancaster to the A595 at Bootle would reduce from 60 miles to 30 miles, and from 2 hours (averaging 30mph), to 30 minutes (averaging 60mph).

An initial estimate envisages around 9 million journeys over the crossings annually. Overall, this would result in estimated fuel consumption and emissions savings equal to *750,000 litres of fossil fuel a year and provide cost savings of over £200 million per year for individuals, businesses, and the NHS and emergency services?

There would also be cost savings in the existing road networks as they may no longer require the same maintenance and upgrading as predicted in current transport strategies.

The tidal power gateways could also be used as a conduit for other utilities, such as power and communications cables; with 4 metre diameter prefabricated pipelines under the central reservation of the roads.